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Created: 21 Mar 2022

Beatsnacks is an ongoing series where I combinesound design an animation – short & sweet.    

Personal Illustrations

Created: 24 Feb 2022

A collection of personal illustrations.Inspired by my travels and love for patterns and stylized shapes.   Nighttime Flowers   Bloom   Sevilla Bliss   Indonesia


Created: 24 Feb 2022

Role: Art direction, illustration & animation Client: bitbird & ZES   A metaphorical island build by the morals, perceptions and history ofDutch musician ZES forms the foundation of ...


Created: 19 Jul 2021

Artwork design for Dutch songwriter & producer Muylike. The vintage look and warm colors blend with the sunny sounds of the music.    


Created: 04 Jun 2021

Various projects done for NOS, the biggest news organisation in The Netherlands. Combining motion design, data visualisation and editorial design. Working closely together with journalists to ...

Leonard Luka

Created: 19 May 2021

Client: Leonard Luka Role: art direction, edit, animation & design EP campaign for Dutch alternative R&B singer Leonard Luka. Art-direction of the visual style and designing the coverart ...


Created: 19 Feb 2021

Role: Art direction, illustration & animation Client: bitbird & Sofasound   Album campaign for Sofasound’s second album Waiting All My Life.Bright illustrations blended with ...

Still Life

Created: 19 Feb 2021

Role: Illustration Personal work   Personal illustration. The start of a series of still life drawings.  

bitbird – music artwork

Created: 27 Mar 2020

Design and art-direction for creative record label bitbird, the label of Dutch DJ and producer San Holo. Creating various music artworks and social media assets for their artists and releases. ...


Created: 19 May 2016

Role: direction, DOP, edit & animation Client: THYRZA   Music video for Dutch singer THYRZA. Stylised shots and playful animations connect with the poetic lyrics of her song Donker ...